Marilyn Monroe


"Займемся любовью!"

      Сценарий - Норман Красна; режиссёр - Джордж Кьюкор; оператор - Дэниэл Фэпп; композитор - Лайонел Ньюмэн.
      Песню "Мое сердце принадлежит папочке" Кола Портера исполняет Мэрилин Монро, песни "Займемся любовью!", "Неисправимый романтик" и "Специализация" Сэмми Кана и Джеймса Ван Хазена исполняют Мэрилин Монро и Фрэнки Воэн.

Let's Make Love - "Займемся любовью!"

All the gent like conversations
Is deader than the Dead Sea scrolls
We become the most muted nation
We’re uncommunicating souls
No one talks…
No one talks…
Its something we seldom never do
No one talks…
No one talks…
No one talks… but you
Let’s make love
Here we sit and we chatter
What are we thinking of?
Lets not make with the patter, baby
Let’s make love
If you roar like a lion (roar)
I could coo like a dove
If your sold began buying
Baby; Let’s make love
Gosh it’s hot
No don’t turn TV on
Instead just turn me on
I light up like neon
Just a tiny section of your affection
In my direction would do… ooh…
You just love my embraces
Cause they’ll fit like a glove
We’ll be off to the races maybe
Kiss me baby
Let’s make love
Don’t just lie there.
Honey, do something.
Don’t just contemplate me.
Prove that you don’t hate me.
Come on I ask you blately
Maybe moonlight trips with me
Come to grips with me
Lips to lips with me do…
Ooh… oooh… oohh…
You just love my embraces
Cause they’ll fit like a glove
We could get down to cases
Kiss me baby
Let’s make love
My oh my but its warm here
Let’s make love
I should have worn a tight collar
Let’s make love
Do you know a good doctor?
Let’s make love

Премьера - 15 августа 1960 года

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